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Product category:Rock wool
Product Name:rock wool slab for sandwich panel
Product Type:1-5

rock wool slab for sandwich panel
rock wool slab for sandwich panel
Rock cotton is a natural basalt as main raw material, after high temperature melting, centrifugal equipment made by the artificial inorganic fibers, while adding a special binder and dustproof oil, and then cured by heating, into a variety of specifications, different requirements of rock wool insulation products. High density rock wool rock sliver is by high strength rock wool board cut into specific structures are made, so it has high compressive strength and excellent fireproof performance. Rock wool as filler, rock wool sandwich panels for the wall panels and roof board provides good fire performance.
Bulk density: 100-200kg/m3; length: 1000-1200mm; width: 50mm, 100mm, 80mm;
Thickness: 28mm, 36mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 80mm, 100mm, (fiber vertical direction); special size, bulk density and thickness can be customized according to customer requirements.
Performance attribute: thermal conductivity (metal plate) 0.040W/m.k
Sound / sound: open type structure of rock wool provides excellent sound insulation performance / suction.
Fire resistance: the product uses E-136 ASTM standards for non combustible products.
Compressive strength rock wool strip is composed of a pressing plate processing, fiber in the assembly line process belongs to erect, so it can bear high load.
5%: resistance to pressure >25Kpa; 10%: >40Kpa.
Moisture resistance: a good waterproof rock wool, ability to release water vapor pressure to the roof structure.
Chemical and biological properties: rock sliver pH value for 7 or is slightly alkaline, and in accordance with the ASTM-C-795, JIS-A-9504 standard requirements, thus not normally meet the growth of mold, fungi, bacteria.
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